Frenar la caída del cabello

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Frenar la caída del cabello
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  Stop hair loss

Hair loss is   a factor that worries both men and women equally, therefore, it is very important to choose the products to use to care for it and make sure that they are not aggressive. What you need to know is what type of hair characterizes you and purchase specialized items for it. So that you are fully informed on  how to take care of yourself  so that this does not happen, we want to give you some advice.





  Tips to prevent hair loss


  1) A good cleaning

Keeping the scalp clean and hydrated  is a fundamental factor that directly affects the base of the hair and the ease with which it comes off. With  Icon Anti-Hair Loss shampoo  you will be more protected, thanks to its soothing properties and it stimulates the growth of healthy hair. Although washing your hair correctly is important, it is also important  to provide it with all the necessary vitamins  so that this does not happen in the future. As it is indicated for all hair types, you can use it without fear of it being harmful to you. Once you finish showering, with your hair still wet, apply it and massage it in a circular motion until foam forms. In this way, all the active agents it is composed of will penetrate the scalp. Finally, remove it with plenty of  water  . .


  2) Strengthening

For hair to be stronger  , it is important to stimulate blood circulation, thus, the nutrients applied to it will lead to better hair health. Icon MR. Elixir - Anti-Hair Loss  will not only help you combat the aging process, you will also have stronger, denser hair and stimulate its growth. You can apply it after washing, also with the help of a circular massage and  let it dry in the open air or in the usual way , with the help of a dryer. By combining it with the previous shampoo, your hair will obtain all the necessary nutrients and vitamins that allow it to grow like the first day.


  3) Say goodbye to stress

It can happen to everyone that, due to a hard work week or for personal reasons, they are more  stressed  than usual. All of this leads to hair falling out more noticeably. There are specific products that help  eliminate stress from hair , such as  Icon Post Tonic , which also blocks hair loss and keeps it hydrated, making it the star icon for those moments in your life where everything seems to be going uphill. Among its ingredients are organic tea tree, mint and eucalyptus oils, which  stimulate hair  both inside and outside. You can use it after applying the previous products if you want your hair to look  younger and more radiant  than ever. Through this action plan you will be totally  prevented against hair loss , regardless of the type of hair you have or whether you are a man or a woman. Once you start applying these products, you will be able to see the results in the blink of an eye.

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